# Xatellite ST2 Overview

Xatellite ST2

Xatellite ST2

Industrial Grade Indoor Palm Size 5G CPE

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# Product Description

Xatellite ST2 is an industrial grade ruggedized, palm-sized indoor 5G CPE with ENOS system.

It is one of components from SDM platform, offering high performance routing and IPfiber tunnel capabilities. It can be deployed for IOT terminal devices, or provide a seamless data interconnection via IPfiber to help enterprises build their own private network simplistically.

# Product Features

  • High Performance Quad-Core CPU

  • Dedicated Network Processing Unit Acceleration

  • Industrial Grade Ruggedized Aluminium Alloy Cover

  • Support 5G NR SA/NSA (3gpp R15), (Dual SIM, Single Pass, Single Standby)

  • Support Dual-Band WiFi6

  • PALM SIZE To Adapt To Different Environments

  • Across Network Overlay Pure L2 or L3 Tunnel

  • Support Terminal Control Platform Management