# Xatellite IoT Overview

Xatellite IoT

Xatellite IoT

Industrial Grade Indoor 5G Router (5G & 4G Dual Active)

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# Product Description

Xatellite IoT is an industrial grade rugged 5G CPE device(5G&4G mixed active-active or Dual 4G active-active) for industrial IoT connectivity.

With Xatellite IoT, it is an all in one network solution for IoT industrial. IoT devices can access to 5G, 4G or cable network through WIFI, LAN, RS485 or LoRaWan in a cost-effective way.

# Product Features

  • Support LTE CAT 4 Network

  • Industrial grade aluminium alloy waterproof cover

  • 5×Ethernet 10/100/1000M, 1×RS485, Dual band WiFi

  • Support Multi-wan load balancing or FAILOVER

  • Across network Overlay pure L2 or L3 tunnel

  • Support Terminal Control Platform Management