# SDM connection

# Login SDM Center

Enter the account password to login to the controller.

# Add devices in SDM Center

Click 'Add Device’

Enter Device name and Serial Number.

The Serial Number can be found in the 'Status>Overview' of the Xatellite Webui.

# Enter the OFA Config Code in Xatellite

Click ‘Copy’ logo in OFA to copy OFA Config Code.

Click ‘Services>Central Admin’ to enter the OFA config code in xatellite Webui.

Click ‘Save&Apply’ to connect to the SDM center.

When you see the 'online' status on the SDM center, the device has successfully connected to the controller.

# Remote device

When the 'proxy status' button is turned on, you can remotely control the device console and Webui.

Tips:To be on the safe side, it is recommended to turn off 'proxy status' on a daily basis.