# Introduction

PS: The access supply voltage requires 48v to turn on the PoE function correctly.

PS: The PoE Feature for all ports is off by default

Go to Network > PoE Controller on the Xatellite Web Management page.

On the PoE control page, in addition to the Max power, the other parameters are displayed in real time.

# Icon Introduction

PoE port is connected.

Real-time display of output voltage, current and power.

PoE port is OFF or unconnected.

The default interface state of the system is Down,

Therefore users need to manually open the port to use PoE normally.

Connection port is disconnected, but the port is open. Users just need to reconnect the port.

# Edit

Click Edit on the port to set the maximum output power of the port (15W or 30W).

To make the PoE Feature to turn on by default, check the Bring up on boot as shown